DIY Rigid solar panels

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DIY Rigid solar panels are suitable suitable for marine solutions or any outdoor solution for that matter. These panels are best suited to applications where you have a hard connection point for the panel to be mounted.rigid-solar-panel

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Rigid solar panels

rigid-solar-panelRigid solar panels are a suitable choice for a more permanent installation. Rigid solar panels can be mounted on solid arches as well as the push-pit and set up to flip into place or flip down out of the way. Rigid solar panels also tend to be a little cheaper than flexible solar panels however this cost gap has come down considerably in recent years.

Fitting rigid solar panels can require a little more mechanical finesse than stringing flexible solar panels on your bimini however is still well within the grasp of the DIY fraternity and definitely within the capabilities of a good boat captain. Check out the related articles on cables and connectors for a better view on how the whole system hooks up.

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