DIY MPPT solar charge controllers

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MPPT Solar charge controllers effectively convert the power from the solar panels into an appropriate voltage to get the most efficient charge possible out of the available sunlight.

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Boat DIY MPPT solar charge controllersBoat DIY MPPT solar charge controllers

If you are installing a solar system to maintain boat batteries while in use when cruising then the cheaper simple charge controllers would not be the most appropriate choice.  The cheaper charge controllers will do the job however about 30% of the potential power is lost with traditional charge controllers. MPPT charge controllers take account of this loss and boost your efficiency to catch this lost energy.

With a 300 watt solar panel array this would more or less add up to an extra 100 watt panel saving you space and boosting efficiency. You will quickly find that a good quality MPPT solar charge controller pays for itself with the added efficiency and space saving not to mention reducing the number of panels to do the same job.

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