DIY Solar cables and connectors

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DIY Solar cables and connectors are high quality waterproof MC4 connectors which use 4mm single core cable to carry the current to the charge controller. This specialized heavy duty cable is required to reduce the effect of voltage drop between the solar panels and the charge controller.

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DIY Solar cables and connectorsDIY-Solar-cables-and-connectors-MC4

MC4 Connectors

MC4 connectors are fairly simple to attach and crimp onto 4mm single core cable and make a good waterproof seal. MC4 connectors are required as they make a waterproof seal between the cable and the connector and also make a waterproof seal when they are collected up to one another. Using inferior connectors for an application that will be exposed to the elements can result in electrical shorts and the connectors can become corroded which can reduce the effectiveness of your system.

4mm single core cable


4mm single core cable is far thicker than traditional electrical cable to reduce the power losses associated with voltage drop between the panels and the charge controller. Using high quality UV resistant electrical cable is important to ensure your solar array continues to deliver reliable charge no matter what the elements throw at you.


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